Rest, Recovery and Sleep

You can rest your injury without taking time off from your sport or activity!

While sometimes it is necessary to rest COMPLETELY from an activity, this is not always the case. Sometimes the activities can be continued but with slight modification. This may mean that a pitcher will simply not throw as hard for a few weeks, a tennis player may not serve overhead for a while, or a computer-user will take more frequent rest breaks during the day. A weight lifter may have to cut out certain shoulder exercises while the shoulder heals.

Another important aspect of rest is sleep. Most of the healing process that takes place in our body occurs while we are sleeping. Without sleep, our body will not heal. Most people will need anywhere from 7 to 8 hours of sleep per day. Extremely active people such as professional triathletes may need even MORE sleep than that; up to 9 hours a day because of the intense demands that they place on their body. Not getting enough sleep can have a MAJOR impact on the time it takes a shoulder to heal. In fact, sometimes pain and stiffness will develop in muscles simply because people are not getting enough sleep to allow their body to recover from every-day wear and tear.