How To Evaluate The Effectiveness Of Any Shoulder Treatment

You probably know that the root cause of your shoulder pain is NOT that your body has a "Tylenol deficiency" or a "cortisone shot deficiency." Treatments that address problems like "inflammation" or "pain" are not really addressing the root cause, they are merely addressing the symptoms.

Effective treatments will be those that actually do something to change the root cause of your shoulder pain. The treatments that we will be discussing do just that. The THREE basic causes of persistent shoulder pain can be summarized as:

  1. Adhesion in the muscles or Adhesions in the joint
  2. Strength or flexibility imbalances in the muscles
  3. Severe structural damage to the bone, cartilage, tendons or ligaments

Of these, adhesion is by far the MOST COMMON. Not only so, but adhesion can CAUSE (#2) "strength or flexibility imbalances" as well as cause (#3) "structural damage". Finally, adhesion is the EASIEST problem to treat once you can identify it! Unfortunately, most doctors completely ignore adhesion, or do not know how to effectively treat it.

That is why we are going to begin this section by talking about the FASTEST and LEAST INVASIVE way to eliminate adhesion buildup in your shoulders.