What Specific Shoulder Conditions Does ART Help?

  1. ART can help scar tissue adhesions. When a shoulder problem is due SOLELY to adhesions and nothing else, then fixing it is a very simple thing. Removing the adhesions using Active Release Technique will completely and permanently resolve the problem. In such cases 100% return to activity, at 100% intensity with NO pain is the common result of treatment.

    However, "adhesion" is rarely the term used to diagnose a shoulder problem. Typically, a more specific diagnosis is given that describes the symptoms that the adhesion is creating.

  2. ART helps a wide variety of other shoulder syndromes or conditions that involve or are caused by adhesion (myofascitis). This isn't because ART is a "snake-oil" remedy. Most shoulder injuries like impingement or tendonitis are caused by problems in the muscle, tendon, fascia, or capsule. All of the following diagnoses that we will be discussing involve adhesions.

How Does ART Work For My Specific Shoulder Diagnosis?