Who Is Qualified To Perform ART?

ART Requires Extensive Study and Practice

ART is a hands-on technique that requires very detailed, precise training. Patient and persistent training is needed in order for practitioners to learn how to locate and safely and effectively release the damaged tissue.

Performing ART On The Shoulder Is An Exceptionally Delicate Matter.

The task becomes even more difficult when the shoulder is involved, because the shoulder is extremely complex. The 20 muscles of the shoulder cross over each other, wrap around each other, have nerves and vessels running through them and more. Adhesions can develop in and around any of these areas.

Because of the intricate design of the shoulder and the presence of nerves and blood vessels, removing adhesions is a very delicate matter. Every piece of damaged tissue must be found specifically by hand and fixed accordingly.

Look For ART Certified Doctors

To assure that you are actually receiving ART, and not some improperly administered procedure by an unqualified doctor, find a doctor who has been nationally certified with actual credentials from the ART Board of Examiners and signed by Dr. Mike Leahy (Developer of ART). Unfortunately, some doctors will actually claim that they 'know' ART, but have not really been trained and certified in ART. If the doctor is not trained properly, you may be getting an expensive massage, wasting your time and money, or worse yet, you could get injured.