When Should You NOT Use ART?

There are no negative side effects of ART even on some of the worst shoulder cases if the ART-Certified doctor knows what they are doing. Common mistakes that are made by poorly trained practioners stem from using too much compressive forces to the injured area. This may lead to bruising of healthy tissue and increased inflammation.

Look for the ART Certificate. To assure that you are actually receiving ART, and not some improperly administered procedure by an unqualified doctor, find a doctor who has been nationally certified with actual credentials from the ART Board of Examiners and signed by Dr. Mike Leahy (Developer of ART). Unfortunately, some doctors will actually claim that they 'know' ART, but have not really been trained and certified in ART. If the doctor is not trained properly, you are probably just getting an expensive massage, wasting your time and money, leaving you with marginal or no improvement in your condition.

Allow some time for new injuries to rest. Another important consideration is that great care should be exercised if attempting to treat areas within the first 24-48 hours after a severe trauma (e.g.-car accidents). Treatment in this phase could make the condition worse by causing further damage to the tissues. However, a skilled ART doctor could very easily work around the torn tissue without damaging it and actually speed recovery. Within a few days to weeks, though, ART would definitely be recommended. Of course, if ever in doubt, consult an ART doctor that specializes in these types of injuries.