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Kenny Loggins

Patient Success #1771: Kenny Loggins, Professional Songwriter and Singer
Activity that lead to injury: Guitar playing
Official Diagnosis: Tendonitis of shoulder, forearm and wrist

Years of strumming the guitar has taken its toll on the muscles in Kenny's right shoulder and forearm. Pain and numbness that shoot down from Kenny's shoulder all the way into his hand was becoming a serious problem for him. The pain was beginning to affect his ability to perform, and even affecting his sleep at night. Kenny is turning to natural treatments for his pain, taking nutritional supplements, receiving chiropractic care and Active Release treatments.

Now-a-days I insist on ART. Within one session Dr. Janzen took all the pain from my tendonitis away. I'll get 24 hours out of pain, and with repeated sessions I know this chronic pain will be a thing of the past. Thank You.

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