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Gina Kehr

Patient Success #1594: Gina Kehr, Professional Ironman Triathlete
Activity that lead to injury: Swimming
Official Diagnosis: Chronic Shoulder Dislocation and Instability, Tendonitis, Myofascitis

When I started my training for the 2001 Ironman my chronic shoulder pain had flared up so badly that I could no longer complete my swim workouts. The shoulder pain was so bad that it woke me from deep sleeps almost every night. For many years I have had the option of shoulder surgery, but that year I was the closest I have ever been to doing it. Dr. Janzen was my last hope. It was not easy in the beginning, but slowly my shoulder pain went away as I received ART treatment. Because of Dr. Janzen and ART therapy I have had one of my best seasons yet! Thanks Dr. Janzen!
Gina Kehr, after using ART to recover from her debilitating shoulder pain went on to finish second overall in the 2001 Germany Ironman. (And second overall in the 2002 France Ironman!)

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