Shoulder Strain / Strain

What is a Shoulder Strain / Sprain?

Saying that you have a shoulder "strain" or "sprain" is not a very specific diagnosis. Technically a shoulder strain refers to tearing of any muscle tissue within the shoulder. A shoulder sprain refers to tearing of any ligaments within the shoulder.

A Strain / Sprain should be broken down to a more specific diagnosis. This could be anything from a...

biceps tendon tear frozen shoulder shoulder separation labrum tear
rotator cuff tear



What's Going Wrong In A Shoulder Strain / Sprain?

1. Adhesion. See specific examples above (e.g.-torn rotator cuff, AC separation, torn labrum / cartilage, etc.)
2. Strength and Flexibility Imbalances. See specific examples.
3. Structural Damage or Alteration. See specific examples.

How Can ART Help A Sprain / Strain?

Because a sprain / strain is really a broad term and does not specifically diagnose a shoulder, see the more specific injury sections for a clearer explanation.

REMEMBER: A thorough shoulder evaluation should attempt to identify the EXACT muscles or ligaments that were torn. These structures could include anything from the joint capsule to the rotator cuff. If your diagnosis is simply a "strain/sprain" and it is not healing, then you need to find a doctor who can give you a more precise diagnosis and tell you exactly what structures were actually torn and to what extent they were torn. Only then can a proper course of treatment be determined.

Success Stories of those with a Shoulder 'Strain / Sprain' (same as those with a torn rotator cuff)