Neck Injuries & Pinched Nerves

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What Is A Neck Injury and Pinched Nerve?

Even more important than scar tissue in the neck is the alignment of the neck vertebra. Misalignment of a vertebra in the neck will cause serious damage to joints, muscles and nerves. Usually both VERTEBRAL MISALIGNMENT and SCAR TISSUE are present in neck injuries.

Neck injuries can create pain throughout the entire upper extremity depending on the type of injury.

What's Going Wrong In Neck Injuries And Pinched Nerves?

1. Adhesion. Adhesions in the neck can do three things. First, adhesions in the scalene muscles (along the side of the neck) can directly pinch the nerves that go to the shoulder causing pain, discomfort, and even weakness. Second, the adhesions in the muscles of the back of the neck and top of the shoulder blade can "refer pain" into the shoulder. This means that while the injury is in the neck, the brain PERCEIVES the pain as being in the shoulder. Third, adhesions can create an abnormal pull on the neck and create misalignments in the vertebra leading to poor biomechanics and subsequent shoulder injury.
2. Strength and Flexibility Imbalances. The most common imbalance in the neck is poor posture. Vertebral misalignment and weak muscles in the neck create improper pulling forces on the shoulder, leading to poor biomechanics and subsequent shoulder problems. Examples include the head coming forward or tilting off to the side.
3. Structural Damage or Alteration. There are two areas of the neck that if damaged, can create pain in the shoulder. First, the joints of the neck play a large role in forming the hole (Intervertebral Foramen 'IVF') in which the nerves travel through to go to the shoulder. When the joints are damaged, spurs can grow into the hole and pinch the nerves creating problems all down the neck and shoulder and into the arms. Second, when the discs of the neck are damaged and inflamed (because of their close proximity to the nerve) they also can pinch the nerves going to the shoulder. Other symptoms associated with this type of injury is numbness, tingling, and sometimes weakness in various parts of the shoulder, elbow, or hand.

How Can ART Help Neck Injuries And Pinched Nerves?

Active Release can help remove scar tissue in each of these situations depending on which area of the neck is involved. However, corrections to the alignment of the vertebra may also be necessary if vertebra misalignment is involved. After adhesions and alignment are taken care of, a proper exercise and stretching program for the neck is essential to keep the neck stable.

In cases with severe spurring that creates numbness, tingling and weakness in the hands, surgical intervention may be required.

Success Stories Of Those With Neck Injuries And Pinched Nerves

  • JD Penn - Fight Manager for BJ Penn, Family Business Owner